Zenonia 4 Mod Apk (Unlimited Zen And Stats) 2022

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Being a die-hard fan of video games and still confused about which one to play? No more confusion because the game that I am presenting here Is stunning and mind-blowing. Zenonia 4 Mod Apk, an RPG game that showcases the fight with evil forces contaminating and destroying our planet. The game continues Zenonia 3, and the characters are mostly the same except for one new daring and strong character, which you will know later.

Would you mind sticking with me till the last to learn about this exciting game? This article guides you from the game’s app to its installation guide. First and foremost, We will dig into the original app and its mind-bending features.

What is Zenonia 4?

An action-packed and sensational game that will make sure that you have a good time spent. The Play Store application might create some blockages in your way due to in-app purchase options. This RPG game has vivid and most transparent graphics. It is the sequel of the last part, Zenonia 3.

Zenonia GamePlay

Regret sees a dream where he is combating and battling the most intense monsters and evil creatures. For a couple of reasons, the Regret is lost in a Dungeon. The monsters are never-ending. You assassinate a few, and others will pop up from nowhere. So, how do you get out of there? To your surprise, a friend of yours from Zenonia 3, namely Chael, appears, and he starts facing the monsters so that you can proceed to the next level. Chael is your friend in need, and you are partners in putting these evil beings to an end. After being released from the dungeon, you are assigned another adventurous challenge that you need to accomplish. Suddenly, you are out of a dream and wonder to yourself; nature has sent a message to me that I am destined to become a hero. You will be the saviour of Zenonia. With exciting characters such as Regret, Chael, Lu and many more, you are on a quest of protecting the Zenonia from dark and evil monsters.

Zenonia 4 Features:

Zenonia 4 lets you on an adventurous journey with restorative and electrifying powers that you can use against the monsters. The striking features are these:

Compulsive GamePlay

You are compelled to utilize all your skills and inborn abilities to beat the monsters to the ground. The evil beings will attack you in response, and you need to protect yourself and smash them with your most horrifying powers. The graphics are so vivid and clear, and that will convince you to keep playing.

Number of Characters to Choose From

The Zenonia 4 is not limited to only one character; instead, it offers multiple characters with unique powers to opt from. You will experience the different capabilities of different players. All these characters combined intensify the game’s charm and integrity.

Easily Manageable Control

It is a child’s play to operate the game with an elementary control system. It is easily manageable and does not require further effort. You will opt for one of the most elite games with a pretty user-friendly control system.

Multiple Modes of Play

The four modes familiarize you with different, more accessible and more formidable kinds of games that do not bore you with the same play all the time. The other modes are Ranger, Blader, Druid and Slayer.

Zenonia 4 GamePlay ScreenShots:

zenonia 4 mod apk 2
zenonia 4 mod apk 3
zenonia 4 mod apk 4
App Download Version1.2.5
Last UpdatedSep 7, 2020
Apk Size41M
Requires Android4.1 and up
Google Play StoreClick Here

Zenonia 4 Mod Apk

After a successful Zenonia 3 Mod Apk, the Zenonia 4 Mod Apk is a reshaped version of the Zenonia 4 app. As usual, this mod lets you enjoy abundant features and battle the enemies with prodigious powers and necessities. The mod apk brings a new style and is cherished to the game’s unique style and play. The Zenonia 4 mod can be downloaded through this website in this article. It is a must-download for android devices—a game of unique performance and adventure that will unleash your powers and capabilities. Would you please enter into the realm of Zenonia and baffle yourself with its supremacy?

Zenonia 4 Mod Apk Features:

The modded version consists of these features:

  • Unlimited Gems.
  • Unlimited Money.
  • All Features Unlocked.
  • All Characters Unlocked.
  • No Ads.
  • Many Many Powers.
  • Intensified Sound Quality
  • Transparent Visuals and Graphics.

Zenonia 4 Mod Apk Installation Guide


The game’s mod apk version is downloaded as below:

  • Uninstall the previous version of the game first.
  • Click all download bar mentioned.
  • Give access to resources on your device.
  •  Transfer file in file storage.
  • Open downloaded files, and here is your file.
  • Please open it and enjoy an adventurous and action-packed game.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Tell Me the Best Mode Of Zenonia 4?

With every source, the Druide Mode is the most exciting to play. You will be upgrading your player and transforming it into a better version. Also, its difficulty level is a bit higher.

How can I get Free Zen in Zenonia 4?

It is pretty simple. Just visit your status and press the green plus key. You will be taken to the shopping, and in the below, there is the option of watching videos to earn the Zen.

Which Zenonia is better: Zenonia 4 or Zenonia 5?

There is no comparison between them. Both are equally yet uniquely well play-wise. The Gameplay and Graphics are well infused in both of the parts.

Finishing It

The Zenonia 4 is a battling game with incredible features and tactics. You can not miss this chance of playing an RPG game which has excited the gamers more than enough. First, we saw the original app, and then we moved to the mod apk, Zenonia 4 Mod Apk. Later, an installation guide and FAQs are listed. Enter this realm of powerful heroes and beat the shit out of the monsters.

Drop queries if you have them in the comments. Thank You!

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