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Stickman Legends Mod Apk v2.8.0

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Stickman Legends MOD APK is a shadow of Mordor is an excellent blend of role-playing and combat games. I believe the player’s playing is comparable to Shadow Fight’s. However, the action in this game is considerably quicker and wilder. If the confrontations in Shadow Fight are 1v1 adversarial, there are a lot of foes in this title. They will not stop attacking you when you are dead. As a result, you must hone your combat abilities and gain strong talents to eliminate them.

In the fight, armaments are vital allies for soldiers. They are holy weapons in Mannequin Legends. The heroes’ strength is not restricted to this tournament. Your character becomes more robust with time, and your power is limitless. You may acquire new talents as you gain the experience and level up.

Furthermore, the greater the rate, the more ferocious the animals and ghouls will get. Keep an eye out for the game’s Boss, who might emerge at any moment. The game’s difficulty is split into five escalating levels: Average, Hard, Insane, Dream, and Hell. You are picking up objects that tumble out while battling is an excellent strategy to remain until the end of the battle.

Stickman Legends Gameplay

When the sun goes down, evil rises with it. They want to extinguish all humanity, causing the lights to vanish forever. As a competent combatant and assassin master, you will fight with beasts, zombies, and the powers of the nighttime to restore peace to your nation. This is a wild conflict with furious zombies assaulting all the time. Many warriors have entered the battle and will not be able to get back; therefore, you must remember the essential thing: do not be humiliated and defend at all costs.



StickMan Legends’ player system is highly remarkable, with formidable fighters grouped into various courses such as Archers, Fighters, Monks, Thieves, and so on. Some notable characters are Lion-Hearted Warrior, Epic Ninja Warrior, Champion Archer Hunter, Mighty Mage, and Dark-Hunter Legend, the most formidable warrior.


Stickman Legends has four game modes: Standard, Immortal Pyramid, Time Bomb, and Trick Game. In addition to multiple traditional methods, Quick Attack mode requires you to race against the clock to accomplish the needed game tasks in a limited amount of time. The Trick Games is the most intriguing variant, in which settings and talents are reversed. This mode will undoubtedly provide you with a slew of shocks.

Visuals Stickman games often feature simplistic 2D graphics with few colours. Stickman Legends, on the other hand, is opposed. The game has magnificent 3D visuals, incredible combat effects, and insane action sequences. The warriors are created stylishly. Furthermore, metal noises interact, and demon screams add to the game’s excitement.

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App Download Version2.9.6
Last Updated2022/10/08
Apk Size125M
Requires Android5.0 and up
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Stickman Legends Mod Apk 

Shadow and light are opposed. In contrast to the black, which symbolises evil powers and hidden secrets. But, some heroes are ready to dwell in the darkness to combat evil and provide light and hope to humanity. Zinta PTE’s RPG game Comic strip Legends: Shadow Of War is the main character.

Mod Features

  • Unlimited Money: Your account a larger as you spend it.
  • Characters Completed: All personas have been unlocked. You have the option of selecting and playing for free.

Stickman Legends MOD APK Installation Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you go into new worlds? 

Concentrate on a diversified region with over 100 animals! Be cautious of predators such as bears, coyotes, and gazelles! The deer hunt is just the start. As you improve your weapons, you will be able to customise them in an infinite number of ways. Upgrade your rounds, scoop, stocks, guns, and other accessories! Take your hunting experience to a new.

Can We play this game with my friends? 

With the Facebook Art of Submarine, you may also invite guests who have an account in much the same game. When you compete with your coworkers in mono fights, you may earn credits to buy new armaments and enhance your squad.

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Stickman Legends must be easy to pick up if you’ve watched other games inside this genre. Use the left paddle to navigate your character across the screen, and the right buttons to attack, charge the ki points, block, or perform special techniques. Stickman Legends MOD Apk has only one option, PvE, inside which you battle more challenging challenges. For each fight you win, you will get jewels and money. After you’ve earned enough, you’ll be able to use them to unlock new heroes.

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