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Human Fall Flat Mod Apk 1.9

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Human fall flat mod APK (maximum money, paid for free) is a fun strategy game. It’s a popular PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch game. It is now readily available on Android. The game initially emerged in 2016 and immediately gained popularity, particularly among YouTubers such as Content creators. The ultimate motive is to guide Bob from point A to point B. While it may seem easy, it will be challenging from the start.

Human Fall Flat APK is essentially a puzzle game with highly unique physical restrictions. Your job is to navigate Bob from his starting point through the hidden gateway while avoiding opponents and terrifying creatures. This game provides a novel approach to the challenge. There are no tricky riddles or strange tales in this game. It necessitates that you tackle basic tasks slowly and cutely.

Human Fall Flat Gameplay

While the protagonist looks human, his motions are unstable and out of character. You’ll find the movements difficult and amusing. Therefore, you’ll need to learn how to move. Because there are no rules or limits in this video game, you may do anything you want. The competition’s end objective is to reach the hidden gate and open new paths. The protagonists in this game have hands similar to Spiderman’s, so they can attach to a variety of objects. It can lift and climb items. This is the most OK game; upload files, try and play, and have fun.


Four-player co-op mode 

It’s enjoyable to play alone, but it’s much more fun to watch with other friends. A match may include up to four players. You may now play Human: Fall Flat in co-op modes with your pals to solve puzzles. Sometimes problems are better suited to a group of individuals rather than just one.

Characters may be customized. 

Individual: Fall Flat enables you to customize your movie’s look. Cartoon figures, superheroes, or other entertaining shapes might be used. Bob might be transformed into Santa Claus, Bob ten, or a pirate.

Graphics in 3D abstraction 

The visuals of Human: Falling Flat 3D are simplistic and abstract. It’s almost as though a game is being played. The technical rules are incredible and unlike anything you’ve ever seen. “The universe may be virtual, but physics’ rules are real.” It is what the game teaches you.

Character Personalization 

On the battleground, your online presence will set you apart. Dress up in headwear, shirts, and trousers to fit your style, or paint with a customizable color palette for a one-of-a-kind look.

Human Fall Flat GamePlay ScreenShots

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App Download Version1.10
Last UpdatedJun 27, 2022
Apk Size1.4G
App by505 Games Srl
Requires Android5.0 and up
Google Play StoreClick Here

Human Fall Flat Mod Apk

You play as a mannequin living in somebody else’s dream in this mode. You’ll need to investigate these bizarre realms and turn your life out by overcoming a variety of complex challenges that stand in your way. Since there are so many difficult stages ahead, utilize your imagination to come up with answers for each one.

Mod Features

  • Parkour is an elegant, flowing art form. You can walk, leap, grab, lift, and carry everything. Performing these maneuvers will be your first difficulty.
  • Solve perplexing puzzles. Explore ten open-ended levels loaded with challenging puzzles and amusing diversions. Discover new paths and find all the mysteries!
  • Play with friends, family, or total strangers.

Human Fall Flat Apk Installation Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to acquire modifications for humans to fall flat? 

Human: Fall Flat now supports modifications on Steam Market, covering cosmetics and levels. No Braking Games has created a Beginning and Expert level to get designers started. The creators have put up a primer on modding.

Is there an offline game called “Human Fall Flat”? 

Human: Run out of energy. Human: Fall Flat is a cheerful platformer set in floating dreamscapes that may be played alone or online with up to 8 other players.


Human Fall Flat MOD APK is a strategy game where you must create your unique answers. With each circle, you’ll be exposed to a new dynamic world filled with fresh features and things to assist you in solving the problem before you! To get out of this tunnel, use these tools and other more imaginative ideas like stacking up mats or managing demolishing cranes. The visuals in these games are stunning, and the action is quite fluid. There is no aggression in this game; instead, it is a straightforward puzzle-solving game that will cause you to feel calm and pleased while enjoying yourself. Players may play Human Fall Flat for hours rather than become bored.

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