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Horrorfield Mod Apk: Are you seriously bored of playing those typical racing or fighting games? Today we bring you a unique genre game for some change. The game Horrorfield Mod Apk is undoubtedly one of the best horror games ever to exist. You’re here because you got lucky; give a read to our writing piece about this game and decide for yourself.

Horrorfield Mod Apk Latest version

The game is true to its name. It is developed to give gamers relief from those typical everyday games for their new experience. In this game, you have to survive in a field where many horrifying creatures are waiting to make you their dinner. Also to mention, the official version of this game is not launched yet. Still, by seeing the love amongst gamers even for its unofficial version, the makers are thinking to establish it as soon as possible. 

Horrorfield Mod Apk Gameplay

In this game, you’re trapped in a deadly enclosed field full of dead ghosts and secret hiding places for you to save yourselves from those demons. You don’t have much time on your hand, and to survive, you have to do everything as soon as possible. As soon as axe madman wakes up from his beauty sleep, your life countdown starts. You have to make maximum efforts to survive. The game follows the strategy of real-time. Only the passing time will decide who stays and who becomes the dinner of deadly ghosts. 

You should keep in mind to help your friends because the only way you can win is by teamwork, if you lose your team members and be alone you’ll be an easy target of the demons. 

There will be seven maniacs and survivors, each having the ability and characteristics to survive. According to the selection of maniac, each survivor and madman will behave. Also, survivors will have the skills to hide and help their allies. There are plenty of hiding places where you could get camouflaged to save your life. There should be proper teamwork to get out of the deadly place soon. You can also make use of particular objects and valuable skills. The madman is one, and the victims are 4. Also, your friends will have the ability to resurrect you but not permanently, so save yourself. 

Horrorfield Features:

Become a hunter: 

Also, there’s an opportunity for you to play besides being a survivor. You can become a deadly hungry blood psychopath in this game and start hunting survivors for your dinner. You will be able to become either a butcher, a monster, or a deadly ghost. Like survivors with unique skills, you as a monster will have exceptional hunting skills, making the gameplay most exciting. You will move towards the location to find your meal men. So get ready to spread fear with your evil intentions.

Map for accessible locations: 

This game offers a very accurate and easily understandable map to know how to save yourself or destroy predators waiting to feed on you.

Upgraded equipment: 

To make your character, either survivor or predator, strong, you will have to upgrade your equipment, which will help you kill your opponent faster and easier. Upgrading will give tons of benefits to your character. 

Scariest design: 

Keeping in mind to manifest this game as horror as developers could, they used dark graphics giving the authentic horror look to it. The arrangements are made so close to real life that it sends shivers down your spine while playing. The game is constructed in iso-metric style to help you see around you more accessible to spot the predator much faster. 

Types of survivors: 

There is a total of 7 different kinds of survivors In this game.

  • Basketball player- he can run as fast as possible from the enemy. 
  • Doctor- a doctor can quickly heal himself and his allies.
  • Engineer- he can quickly repair essential items and craft extra necessary objects.
  • Mercenary- he is a powerful soldier with excessively excellent fighting skills.
  • Scientist- he can use his knowledge for surviving.
  • Police officer- he can easily catch the murderers.

Horrorfield GamePlay ScreenShots:

Horrorfield Mod Apk 1
Horrorfield Mod Apk 3
Horrorfield Mod Apk 4
App Download Version1.4.12
Last UpdatedJul 18, 2022
Apk Size121M
App bySkytec Games, Inc.
Requires Android4.4 and up
Google Play StoreClick Here

Horrorfield Mod Features

  • Frozen enemies 
  • Upgraded characters 

Click either green or red icon to know about the location of prey or predator, respectively.

Horrorfield Mod Apk Download Guide:

Download Guide
  • Click on the download button given below and wait for it to get downloaded.
  • If your phone isn’t allowing you to Install file
  • Go to settings then security and turn installation from unknown sources ON.
  • Then install the downloaded file on your mobile and enjoy the game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

  • Why is Horrorfield Mod Apk not getting installed on my device?
  • Ans: There might be an issue with storage, or your WiFi/data is not working correctly. Check whether your WiFi connections are stable and you have enough storage available. 
  • Are in-app purchases available for free? 
  • Ans: Yes, I know it’s hard for people to believe this, but you get every in-app feature for absolutely free with this mod update. 
  • Is too much storage required in my cell phone to play Horrorfield Mod Apk?
  • Ans: Not at all. You need 126 MBs of storage. 
  • Does this app contain any virus, as Google gives a warning before downloading it? 
  • Ans: No, this app doesn’t contain any virus or malware, so be relaxed about it. 
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Conclusion (Final Words)

Horrorfield Mod Apk is an exciting sport for your best gameplay experience. If you’re bored with typical games, download this one and enjoy something new and horrifying! The game contains many frightening scenes to give you chills while playing, and it has addictive gameplay to keep you hooked to the game. This game will make you experience various emotions and feelings. To cut short, this is one of the most fantastic horror games I have ever played in my life, so there’s no reason to miss this. 

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