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Hello guys! I hope you are all doing well. Today I’m going to give you all the information about the Head basketball MOD Apk to download it and enjoy all the features of the game as mentioned above. This game is not like other basketball games, but it is exciting because of its features. This game is specifically designed to improve the skills of the player and make him feel entertained.
The Head Basketball is a modified version that enables you to enjoy all the game’s best features with no disturbance.
Everybody loves money and wants to live a life full of money. If you also want to have a world full of money, this game is perfect. You can experience cash in your life by downloading the Head basketball, and this article will help you understand everything about this MOD apk file.

What is the Head Basketball game?

The D&D Dream has developed the Head basketball game. The game is top-rated with almost five million-plus downloads on Google Play Store. The size of the game is 365MB. The game is available to install on iOS and Android devices.

As the name shows, head basketball is a basketball game with almost 43 different characters, each having a specific ability shot. You can decorate your surface with other costumes and accessories you can buy from the shop in return for the rewards.

This game offers you a variety of features and amusement. In this game, characters will play a basketball game against another character and try to hit the ball in the net. When you hit the ball in the net, you get points ranging from 2 to 3 according to your performance.

This is an eight modes game including arcade, survival, tournament, campaign, league, head up, and multiplayer and death modes. The game also contains an ability button that you can use when the energy bar becomes full.

Head Basketball – Gameplay

In head basketball, the main target is to earn the maximum scores possible by using the controls to throw the ball into the net within one minute. Each character has a unique ability that can be used once the energy bar becomes full. These ability shots are essential to hit the ball accurately in the net.
The player with more points wins; the more the issues, the more you can upgrade the character.
There is also a shop option from which you can buy different costumes and accessories for the character. These items are costly; you need to have the reward points you get after winning a match to purchase an item. You can select different characters from different countries such as Japan, Korea, Spain, India, Canada, Brazil, etc.

Head basketball – Features

This game consists of many features that make it more exciting and make you feel attracted to it. Following are some of the features of the game mentioned above:

No internet connection required:

You can play this game anywhere you want because this game doesn’t require any Internet connection. Just download it once on your device then you can play it anywhere without any internet connection required.

Control system:

The controls of this game are straightforward to use. You can control the game by simply touching the screen using the left and right arrows and many other buttons.

Game character:

The game contains more than 40 characters; you can unlock them by gaining rewards. Each character has some unique ability.
These characters do not have the main body but consist only of two arms, two legs, and a big head, which gives them a cute appearance. Feelings can be female and male, and characters also express emotions, making it look very lively.

Sounds and graphics:

The sounds of the game make it look more entertaining and enjoyable. Cheers from the audience, sounds of the ball, and clapping make the matches more vivid.


In every match, the location of the stadium changes that makes you feel new about the game. Areas include beaches, football grounds, stadiums, etc.

Head Basketball Gameplay Screenshots:

Head basketball Mod Apk 2
Head basketball Mod Apk 3
Head basketball Mod Apk 4
App Download Version3.3.6
Last UpdatedJun 12, 2022
Apk Size76M
App byD&D Dream
Requires Android2.3 and up
Google Play StoreClick Here

Head Basketball MOD Apk

The MOD (complete form modification) version gives you all the modified, locked, and premium features of the game to enjoy your game experience.

Head Basketball Mod Apk:

  • Unlimited money Upgraded features
  • Carefree purchases
  • Improvement in-game
  • No ads

Head basketball MOD Apk-installation guide:

Download Guide

You can install the game by following the simple guidelines given below:

  • Delete any previous version of the game.
  • Click on the download link provided below to install the game.
  • The device will then ask for the permissions for the installation.
  • Click on the install button and wait for the game to install on your device.
  • And you are done!

Frequently Asked Questions:

This section has answered some frequently asked questions about MOD Apk that may also help you. Give it a read to decrease your confusion:

  • Is it safe to use head basketball on my Android?
  • Head basketball MOD Apk is 100% safe to download because we have scanned them with anti-malware software, and we detected no virus in the application. So yes, it is 100% secure to download it from our link.
  • Can I play head basketball offline?
  • Head basketball is a game that doesn’t need an internet connection; you can play it offline after downloading it on your device.
  • Can I play head basketball online?
  • Yes, you can also play it online.
  • Can I play head basketball on my PC?
  • Yes, you need an emulator to play this game on your PC.
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Final Words

So, guys, I have mentioned all the essential information about Head Basketball Mod Apk. Now you can click on the link below to install it from our website and enjoy!
Ask in the comment section in case of any query. I hope you learned from our website!

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