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Cut the rope mod apk is about the endearing Blue Thing and the frogs enjoying delectable goodies. The game is well-known worldwide and therefore is liked by a large number of individuals. The game’s role is pretty simple. You figure out how to break the cords so that the lover may descend in the correct area of the monster Om’s title. The game has highly appealing images, an exciting soundtrack, more than 100 varied stages for you to exhibit your puzzle talents fully. The game stresses conflict resolution and has a very realistic physics foundation. Cut the rope has addictive action. Your task is to stuff the candies into the giant mouth monster Om Nom, a tiny green monster.

Furthermore, many awards as feasible should be obtained—many other goods in the game, such as balloons, shocks, magic hats, and torches. The action isn’t easy, and you must get the chocolate past the obstacles and into Om Nom’s mouths.

Cut The Rope Gameplay 

The gameplay is quite essential. You must cut the chain and give the sweets to Om Nom, your tiny green monster. He is often hungry and enjoys eating. It is your responsibility to satiate his thirst. This tournament’s rules are straightforward, and you won’t be dealing much effort into understanding them. There is a candy linked to the strands, and that you must cut them. Move your hand over the cords to cut them. You must be cautious while removing the ropes not to miss the incorrect ones. Carefully time your cut and place the candy in the Om Nom’s mouth.


Simple to play

Cut Rope does not seem to be like previous simple games. When you begin the problem, you can use one of the 3 different objectives: getting 3 stars, not earning celebrities, and accumulating fruits (some of the required grapes may range between 15 to Fifty based on the difficulty), competing with a time limit, and also more. If you complete one of the objectives, you can advance to another stage.

Om Nom Sweets may be found in Mod Apk Cut the Rope. 

Cut your String is all about finding Om Nom’s delectable treats. A burglar came in and took their favourite food supply as he had just gone with the bulk of the Nommies. Om Nom traced the robber’s trail into the nearby woods and saw that he had discarded goodies on his way out. Together with the other Nommies, Om Nom will now partake in the delectable adventure.

Cut The Rope GamePlay ScreenShots

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App Download Version3.34.0
Last UpdatedJul 18, 2022
Apk Size49M
App byZeptoLab
Requires Android4.4 and up
Google Play StoreClick Here

Mod Introduction

It is the first iteration of the well-known narrative of a voracious creature named Om Nom. The idea and mechanisms of the sport remain constant, as in all previous editions, and you will continue to satisfy your sweet appetite for sweets more delights. Om Nom doesn’t like or want to share anything, so go ahead and eat all the goodies and nourish your heroes.

Feature. Choose your desired challenge.

Mod Features 

  • This winner puzzle will keep you engaged.
  • “Om Nom” is a terrific monster to play with.
  • In these games, you may use your abilities to your advantage.
  • The stunning visuals will keep you entertained.
  • The settings are elementary.
  • There are many other intriguing levels to play.
  • Improve your puzzle-solving abilities.
  • You may play these games for free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does one go about playing the games Cut Your Rope?

Cut the cable, then feed the little green intruder food.

What happened to the drawings in Cut the Rope? 

They are located within the phone’s borders.

What then is the identity of the Cut your Rope character? 

Om Nom is the nickname of both the big green extraterrestrial.

Is Cut the Rope a fun game to play? 

Yeah, it is a fantastic game.

Is rope notification cut risky? 

Cutting Rope mod apk is entirely safe since our Generally pro software has scanned it, and no infections have indeed been discovered. Our pro-government software filters and classifies them based on our criteria. As a result, downloading Cut the Rope Apk Mod from our website is entirely risk-free.


Cut the Rope mod apk is a famous game amongst players. ZeptoLab created it. The mix of puzzle games and entertaining gaming is the basis for their appeal. You should attempt to provide a small creature with chocolates or sweets linked to a string. However, that’s not the end of the game. The roleplaying game is a charming green creature that will give you tales of his own life during the game.

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