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Angry Birds Transformers mod apk but same crazy birds converters are the current title of the prominent firm Activision and the newly published edition of the franchise of angry videogames posted in Google Play Store mins ago that we’ve presented it with complete info. Mutant creatures have begun their march on your small island nation, and you must now battle and kill him with the assistance of your pals in a stunning 3D setting. Numerous adversaries await you, so try your best to discover a new method to eliminate them; the islands are yours; don’t let it slip away.

We’d believe that Angry Birds and Transformers had nothing to do with one other. Angry Birds are adorable birds that live on archipelagos, but Robots are gigantic cosmic machines. However, thanks to the developer Rovio’s incredible innovation, we now have an immensely engaging game that is a perfect blend of Angry Birds and Transformers.

Angry Birds Transformers Gameplay

It is an arcade and action-style game, neither a clash royale jigsaw puzzle nor a projectile shooter. This game’s action is comparable to Airborne Joyride. You will command the Angry Birds as they fly around the field, gathering gold and blasting blue cars driving on the movie’s left side. Right. These aren’t any longer the little and adorable Angry Birds. These are now Autobird creatures that can morph into vehicles or helicopters equipped with modern weaponry. Autobird, on the other hand, are incapable of protecting Piggy Island on their own.


Here are some creative approaches. 

This game has a lot of various actions. Angry Birds Transformers has a plethora of fascinating modes. Endless Run mode is also available. This option allows you to play as all of the personalities. One Autobird may be killed, but something else will spring up and keep the struggle.

Get to know your favorite characters. 

The character concept will appeal to gamers in the same way as a Crazy Birds game featuring Transformers might. It’s fantastic that Activision, the distributor, has done so well. When you play Angry Birds Optimus, you’ll see famous Transformers characters like Megatron Prime and BumbleBee.

You can operate with a single finger. 

You are right; you can stop Scoring Birds Transformers with just one finger. AUTO BIDS continues forth on its own. To prevent that from moving, touch opponents, fortifications, and enemy fortifications. Some granite towers are pretty hazardous. If you run through them, you will be crushed.

Angry Birds Transformers GamePlay ScreenShots

Angry Birds Transformers Mod Apk 1
Angry Birds Transformers Mod Apk 3
App Download Version2.19.0
Last UpdatedSep 27, 2022
Apk Size76M
App byRovio Entertainment Corporation
Requires Android4.4 and up
Google Play StoreClick Here

Angry Birds Transformers MOD APK

Since its cinematic premiere, fans all around the globe have adored Transformers. After seeing this film, we began to question, “Can our automobiles be changed into robotics and used to safeguard the world?” Animal, the series’ most recent edition, has made a lot of money. Unless you’re wondering why I brought up this morphing robot video, it’s because it’s relevant to the game I’m going to explain to you: the newest Rovio game, Angry Birding Robots MOD APK (Unlimited Money).

MOD Features

  • Collect: Unlock a slew of additional heroes with attack powers and unique talents to bolster the Autobird army.
  • Destroy: You don’t need a slingshot to destroy strong opponents. These are the well-known weaponry of the changing robots category.
  • Use this approach to instantly convert into cars, trucks, tanks, or aircraft.
  • Improves: With each change, you get superior guns and new skills.

Angry Birds Transformers Apk Installation Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most recent Angry Birds Transformers version? 

The Angry Birds Robots game got a new update (Version 1.17) that includes three new Seekers – Starscream, Sunstorm, and Skywarp – as well as daily incentives.

How can you obtain additional Angry Birds Transformers characters? 

According to a recent update, popped pigs from stages are now utilized as cash to unlock new personalities. When the user opens a new location by improving their Transformers, the primary companion will appear on the land, encased in a chunk of ice. The player must provide a certain quantity of popped pigs to access them.


Fun and intriguing game Angry Birds Transformers mod apk inside which you play birds, combat the evil empire, or rather the Decepticons, and demonstrate what the Autobots are worthy of. Come with intelligent and unusual strategies, assault opponents, and assemble a squad to battle beside you. Unless you are defeated, you may always change and transform into a truck and flee the fighting. Invite your friends to join you in the game, and by forming your squad, you will always have cover and support.

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